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New Action on Tyre Handler Safety: EMESRT Initiatives and Insights

Discover how EMESRT and industry leaders are enhancing tyre handler safety in mining. Learn about recent initiatives, key insights, and KLINGE’s contributions to improving safety standards.

Brisbane, Australia – Ensuring tyre handler safety is crucial in the mining industry. This article explores continuing actions by EMESRT and industry leaders, including insights from KLINGE CEO Al Klinge, to enhance safety standards.

KLINGE’s Commitment to Mining Safety. KLINGE’s CEO and Managing Director, Al Klinge, recently participated in EMESRT’s June 2024 Tyre Technical Working Group held in Brisbane, Australia. This group, consisting of industry experts both in-person and via video conference, focused on assessing credible failure modes of tyre handlers—a crucial ongoing project aimed at enhancing safety standards in the mining sector.

Al Klinge, whose career began as a trainee OTR tyre technician, praised the achievements of the Tyre Technical Working Group, highlighting the potential life-saving impact of EMESRT’s resources and tools developed for OTR tyre technicians in the field.

The Importance of Tyre Handler Safety in Mining. Tyre Handlers sometimes called Tire Manipulators are critical mobile equipment on mines, without them, tyre maintenance is impossible due to the size and weight of the tyres and rims and yet they are often an overlooked and taken for granted. Tyre Handlers come in all shapes and sizes from forklifts to over-the-road trucks to wheel loaders and more, but how do you know your mine is using the right tyre handler, and have your service team been trained on the specific risks associated with that design? EMESRT is searching for these answers.

EMESRT Tyre Handler Safety video pushing Mining Safety to the next level one of many available on their website for free.
A scene from the EMERST Tyre handler Scenario Storyboards video series available on EMESRT’s website.

EMESRT’s Role in Advancing Safety Standards. Founded in 2006, EMESRT (Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table) is a globally recognized initiative supported by major mining companies. It serves as a unified voice in the mining industry, collaborating closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to advance equipment design beyond standard safety norms, prioritizing operability and maintainability.

EMESRT, Mining Safety

EMESRT’s influence stems from its robust relationships with OEMs and third parties, fostering a genuine two-way engagement with stakeholders. This collaborative approach is pivotal in addressing complex health and safety challenges, ensuring EMESRT remains at the forefront of industry-wide safety improvements.

Collaborative efforts like those by EMESRT and industry leaders are essential to improving tyre handler safety. KLINGE remains dedicated to advancing these safety standards and Mining Safety in general.

For a comprehensive view of EMESRT’s extensive work, visit their website featuring the latest findings and resources from the Tyre Technical Working Group and others. Learn more about how KLINGE is advancing mining safety, contact us today to explore our comprehensive solutions.

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