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Safety Solutions

Common Safety Issues within the Mining tyre Industry

We’ve been in the game long enough to understand the horrific consequences that can occur when unsafe practices with OTR tyres go unchecked. Sharing knowledge here is our goal knowing that we might be able to help just one person save their back, or life.

Trajectory zones when inflating / deflating tyres

Analysis of incidents indicate that even when deflating OTR tyre and rim assemblies there is a real risk of components dislodging. Conduct a risk assessment, measure and demarcate trajectory zones at your mine tyre service bay to show everyone where not to stand. Consider at RIDS station (remote inflation/deflation station) and 6 meter hose with a check valve.

Tick and flick training & assessment

Receiving OTR tyre service training that doesn’t challenge people, is not brought from real world experience and requires little to no effort for a passing grade are a recipe for complacency and incidents. Some don’t require a thorough evaluation of knowledge and practical skills from content experts, this is what we call “tick and flick” training.

Using wood blocks as cribbing

For nearly a century the industry has used hard wood blocks to hold the weight of heavy vehicles once jacked up. However, these wood blocks have no SWL, no way of knowing if they are rotten/split/weak and should not be relied upon as the only thing holding tonnes of equipment over you. Composite cribbing, locking jacks or stands there are options for all situations, environments and budgets that will not put people at risk.

Using heat to loosen wheel nuts / studs

Even if you have deflated a tyre assembly to a low pressure and you can monitor the pressure constantly, using heat (welder/oxy torch) on a wheel assembly is unsafe and unacceptable. Sadly this still occurs from time to time, but make no mistake this has a reliable potential for critical injuries due to runaway chemical reactions that take place and cannot be controlled. If you can’t unbolt something, there is plenty of tools that can help, techniques to assist and training to fall back on.

Government issued mining TYRE resources

A unique mix of services & tools

solve these problems with klinge.

We love the smell of iron ore in the morning, or coal, copper, gold take your pick! Our Mining Services helps mines meet challenges that limit fleet productivity, compromise safety and reduce reliability. The in-field KLINGE team are all experienced miners, OTR tyre experts and are passionate about solving all tyre problems great and small. We’ve had our steel toe boots in the dirt on every continent except Antarctica… so far.

Industry issued mining TYRE resources

If we can’t build it, we’ll find you the people that can. You get to know a lot of people when you get around like our team do, so we’ve gathered what we think are the best resources from them here for you to use. We believe these can help people working in our industry make better decisions, learn new things and keep their people safer on the job, because everyone deserves to go home safely at the end of the day.

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