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Prevent Incidents Proactively

Zero Fatalities

KLINGE developed TyreARM as Tyre Service Providers for mines and it helped us achieve Zero fatalities in our time. 


KLINGE are not a Tyre Service Provider but our learning and experience draws on our history as leaders in this industry.


Annual, bi-annual, quarterly or ad-hoc reinforcement and tracking progress for improvement is as important as the audit itself.

Tyre Service

Understand your mine tyre service practices and standards vs best practice, tooling, equipment, training and more.

Tyre Management

Is your TMS, procedures and team working effectively and what are the levers to improve.

Tyre Environment

Operational environment of tyres and rims is key to ROI for a fleet, is your tyre team assisting or impeding?

High Impact Safety

Secret Sauce

TyreARM software and methodology was developed by KLINGE as Tyre Service Providers on mines in Australia. We needed to hold ourselves accountable, improve safety and implement uniformity across our sites. The results are a record of over 40 years as mine tyre service providers with zero fatalities. Today we share this through our audit and consulting services globally.


Combining industry best practice, regulatory recommendations, public report findings and industry advances into the system. Enabling clients to benefit from a collection of over 400 questions. KLINGE do not simply audit mines, included in the service is constructive pathways for improvement based on what mines of similar size, capacity and abilities are able to achieve.

Continuous Improvement

Repeatable Audits

Many clients benefit from TyreARM annually receiving audits and updates on actions for long term contracts or in-house teams. With a Service Provider the intervals can change based on KPIs and challenges, the advice and observations are a great boost for contractors. Utilized as a reaction to incidents can be an effective “make safe” measure. 

Targeted Results

TyreARM can be customised for clients to respond to a specific incident, reinforce or check against site or company standards and more. Because we’ve developed the software in-house, we are expanding the audit criteria constantly. Upcoming additions include expanded TPMS & Sustainability (recycling).


Our partners


As our Safety Audit footprint grows so too does our understanding and knowledge. Some mines are hives of innovation others less so, the more audits we perform the more reliable our “industry” benchmark is.

TyreARM is trusted by established mining houses and emerging companies alike, to improve safety and efficiency through objective expertise. 

Continous Improvement

There are no silver bullets with OTR tyres. Support your Tyre Management system with complimentary services or software that we have developed, tested and released for global miners and likely used by ourselves at some point. 

TyreARM Safety Audit

Uncover your mine tyre and rim situation, prevent OTR safety incidents using benchmarking and action plans. Improve and move forward with unbiased proven advice.

Total Tyre Control® Earthmover

Tyre Management Software for large mines, manage your tyres and rims to get the most out of them. Integrate with ERP or MEMS4 for more value.

Virtual Tyre Advisory

Paired with your TTC or TTC Web system, a consultant will be allocated for reviewing, assisting and advising you on how to get the most out of your TMS. VTA is like having a tyre expert at your disposal when you need help.

TIA Tire Service Training

Has your tyre service team received certified training recently? Improve safety, team moral and efficiency with industry certified training.