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When KLINGE were on-site tyre service providers for mines, we developed TyreARM to keep our people safe. It worked! We experienced ZERO fatalities in 42 years of continuous operation at 20+ mines in 4 countries. Our focus on safety and our proactive approach to assessing and controlling the specific hazards with OTR tyre operations was key to this.

We offer this secret to our success as a service to mines and service providers globally. It is built to be repeatable, measurable and includes a library of 500 and counting questions and observations that our consultants utilise. To this day OTR tyre service remains one of the deadliest roles on a mine, but we know zero fatalities is achievable. 

Major Hazards Image

Major Hazards

Focussing on the key operational and statistically hazardous tasks of a mine tyre operation. Tyre maintenance, tooling and equipment as well as training and work environment are considered. The Major Hazards audit is designed to be quick and zero in on the high potential safety and efficiency levers. Recommended for temporary or DIDO operations or at mines with smaller fleets.

Deliverables: Post-audit meeting and summary PDF report with continuous improvement plan and recommendations. 

Full Audit

We go through your mine tyre bay as if we were running it. Includes all Major Hazards modules plus tyre environment, tyre management and tyre usage. This audit is designed to address immediate safety hazards as well as consider and deliver solutions for sustainable improvement that affects the whole mine. From tyre service safety to tyre life, proactive maintenance strategy and tyre operational analysis. Full audits should be Annual or Bi-Annual for mines with over 40 haul truck, ultra-class fleets or continuous service requirements.

Deliverables: Pre & Post-audit meetings and detailed PPT presentation & PDF report with continuous improvement plan and recommendations. Follow up online progress meetings at 3 & 6 months from audit date. 

Davin Faux KLINGE Tyre Management consultant conducting On-Site Audit using Realwear & Hindsite technologies – Australia
Custom Audit Image
KLINGE lead trainer, Roy Galyer, conducting TyreArm® audit – South Africa

Custom Audit

We combine our industry standards and audit criteria with your organisation goals and guidelines. Through consultation we customise an audit to focus on the areas your teams deem critical with our experts acting as guides to construct the audit that fits you best. As TyreARM is proprietary software we can adapt to include or exclude audit criteria that we have developed for your own. Great for groups of mines or organisations that are looking to empower internal teams or attack key areas of OTR.

Deliverables: Planning meetings and post-audit meetings. Site by site summary PPT & PDF reports plus group summary reports and group presentation. Includes continuous improvement strategies and recommendations detailed by site and summary for group. Follow up online or in person meetings at 6 months from audit date. 


Mines that require frequent support can inject expertise and on-site using Hindsite and TyreARM. Clients %utilise% a connected headset on site and the KLINGE consultant connects on-demand or scheduled. Know-how when you need it not when there are flights available. We deliver services leveraging Hindsite which enables:

  • Remote site calls so our experts can see through client’s eyes at site.
  • Transparency through call & video transcripts.
  • Diversity using auto-translation to ensure knowledge is shared with all.
  • Redundancy from automatic meeting recording.

During COVID-19 most mines didn’t stop and our clients still needed to keep their tyre service teams safe. So KLINGE partnered with Hindsite to virtually attend sites that we couldn’t travel to. Remote presence technology and experience coming to the rescue. A world first.