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Imagine having an open line to some of the best experts in OTR tyres in the world, available to work through projects, check in on progress and coach on-site teams through complex challenges. With KLINGE consultants and Hindsite that day is today, the age of virtual support has come to mining tyre shops around the world.

Using Realwear wearable technology and Hindsite software our clients can schedule calls, work on projects and take our consultants into the field to observe and advise on operations live. Virtual Tyre Advisors are the backup to your on-site teams, checking in regularly but able to be activated for extended periods when required to complete various tasks, 100% remote with no travel or accommodation to organise. 

Virtual Tyre Advisory

Where tyre shop supervisor responsibilities are focused into urgent and important day-to-day tasks like supervision of service, people management and interdepartmental comms. A Virtual Tyre Advisor can work away periodically checking in with on-site teams on progress on a variety of tasks. Great for bolstering and supporting in-house teams to solve complex problems or cover for absent or leave of key people. The scope should be determined by the client challenges, site size, budget and KPIs but there are many soft skills and tasks that require focus and time to complete that fall by the wayside of the people on-site every day. 

Responsibilities: Coaching and support of on-site tyre superintendent/manager, incident investigations, SOP or documentation creation/review, reporting, data analysis, TMS management, TPMS advisement, recruitment support and service provider contracts/KPIs advice.

Exclusions: OTR Tyre or Rim procurement negotiations, day-to-day management of OTR tyre service operations.

On-Site Audit using RealWear® & HindSite® hardware/software combination. Used also to conduct remote (off-site) collaborations.

Bureau Service

The tyre management system is a critical part of any mine, if left unchecked or neglected it can lead to loss of production potential, lack of tyre service accountability not to mention the inability to predict maintenance. This can happen when service providers are replaced or when key team members take leave and there is no succession. Bureau Service can assist in these cases. KLINGE take on the role of data analysis and entry for a mine remotely. Managing this via our ticketing system for transparency. While we do not recommend outsourcing data entry of Tyre% Management Systems permanently, temporary support is necessary.  

Prerequisites: Commercial Tyre Management System

Pete Data Entry
Peter Field, Online Total Tyre Control® software deployment and configuration. All Support provided from KLINGE members and not third parties.


Mines that require frequent support can inject expertise and on-site using Hindsite and TyreARM. Clients %utilise% a connected headset on site and the KLINGE consultant connects on-demand or scheduled. Know-how when you need it not when there are flights available. We deliver services leveraging Hindsite which enables:

  • Remote site calls so our experts can see through client’s eyes at site
  • Transparency through call & video transcripts
  • Diversity using auto-translation to ensure knowledge is shared with all
  • Redundancy from automatic meeting recording

During COVID-19 most mines didn’t stop and our clients still needed to keep their tyre service teams safe. So KLINGE partnered with Hindsite to virtually attend sites that we couldn’t travel to. Remote presence technology and experience coming to the rescue. A world first.


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