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Our track record of safely running mine tyre operations at various mines speaks for itself and today our advisory consulting business delivers value for mines and improves outcomes at the operational level. This knowledge and experience is distilled into our Supervisor learning programs. Delivered by our consultants these programs are designed for face-to-face delivery but online options are in development.

Learners can commit to intensive courses undertaken in a 3 days period face-to-face or dispersed over weeks depending on responsibilities and availability using online meeting tools.

Mining Tyre Supervisor

Learn the essential skills that, when lacking often lead to low tyre life, increased safety incidents and lack of adherence to operational KPIs. Rotation scheduling, incident analysis & reporting, team output vs potential, tyre data deep dive, duty of care and tyre management plans and more. Learn how an effective mine tyre bay operates and how to analyse and improve your site to meet or surpass industry standards. Using case studies, peer group learning and one-to-one learning our consultants guide learners through the course using their own site and fictitious data to ensure tangible results are wrought before the course finishes.

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We actively invest in new technology, learning strategies and additional topics to inject more knowledge, that has a lasting impact. We continue to contribute to the development of industry standards and learning, but we believe our mission is to go further. Supervisor programs include subjects often considered critical but left untouched:

  • OTR Tyre Pyrolysis & Tyre Fires
  • Risk Management for OTR Service
  • Communication for Tyre Technicians
  • Tyre Management in Practice

When you’re learning with KLINGE you can expect more, because we’re just getting started. Our classes deliver lasting cultural change, pride in our profession and career reinforcement.

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Deteriorated rim gutter section resulting in increased risk for the user if corrosion and wear tolerances are not adhered to

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