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Our story

Since 1971

a record of passion and excellence.




Beginning in the small country town of St. George in Queensland, Australia KLINGE was founded by Tom & Dianne Klinge an ambitious young couple aged 19. Transforming over the years into a tyre dealer in Brisbane and other cities and by 1975 they were servicing mining fleets around the country. Inventing the first version of “Total Tyre Control” software in 1980 to prove their service was better by digitally managing tyres individually by serial number, a world first.

Today the KLINGE team is led by Alexander Klinge and his team who continue to work in the manner and spirit that made the company a success. KLINGE is a key part of MICHELIN® Better Mining, offering unique Services and Solutions to help solve safety and productivity problems for miners globally.

1971 – 1985

The Founding

Small town tyre service, discovering mining, commercial dealer success and world first software innovation.


Tom and Dianne Klinge found the company at 19 years old based around the concept of selling service to trucking companies (not tyres) scheduled around planned downtime.


KLINGE wins a bid to work at BHP Gemco Groote Eylandt mine, having limited OTR exposure and not even knowing how far this mine was from Brisbane (2,268km/1,409mi).


Dianne Klinge develops prototype Tyre Management System (early Total Tyre Control) for use by KLINGE at Groote Eylandt after Tom Klinge realises need for innovation.


First Total Tyre Control service begins with mines paying for data entry, data insights and advice from central computer system (various states, Australia)

Historypage 19711985foundingyears 1
Co-founders Tom & Dianne Klinge purchase their first crane truck in Brisbane -1973
Big Man Ute With Aitkin Crane Sepia
“All Tread Big Man Tyre Service” an early company in the KLINGE Group servicing Aitkin Cranes – 1977
Co-Founder Tom Klinge at Mozes Kilangin Airport visiting Freeport Mine Indonesia

1986 – 2000

international ambitions

After getting a taste of the mining tyre life, Tom Klinge chased success and found it meeting François Michelin in the USA among others, foreshadowing the company’s future and international success.


BMA Peakdowns Mine becomes the world first on-site Total Tyre Control installation.


Tom Klinge is president of the Australian Tyre Dealers & Retread Association (ATDRA), built training curriculum for tyre technicians under the Government’s “Priority 1” scheme.


KLINGE exhibit at NTDRA (National Tire Dealers Association) expo in USA meeting Francois Michelin.


First Total Tire Control install in USA at BHP San Juan mine (NM, USA)


First mining tyre management and consulting service in Indonesia at BHP Satui and Senarkin mine (South Kalimantan, Indonesia)


KLINGE seek and attain certification for OTR tyre service course by Kangan Batmann institute (VIC, Australia)


First Total Tire Control installed in South America at Southern Peru Copper, Cuajone mine (Moquegua, Peru)


Creation of KLINGE United States entity (NV, USA)


Winners of Australian Maintenance Engineering Excellence Award for Total Tyre Control at the institution of Engineers’ 1999 National Engineering Excellence Awards.


KLINGE hold first OTR tyre service class held at Michelin Sales Training Centre (MSTC) Greenville (SC, USA)

Historypage 19862000internationalambitions 2
Historypage 19862000internationalambitions 3
Worldwide presence – KLINGE consultant Roy Galyer conducting an audit – Canada
Our Man And Woman Standing In Front Of A Large Truck
Co-Founder, Dianne Klinge, onsite at the CATERPILLAR proving grounds testing the first version of MEMS TPMS system.

2001 – 2015

SeRVICE & Scale Up

The KLINGE on-site mining business thrived as well as consulting, training and software with permanent people in Indonesia, Canada, Papua New Guinea, South Africa and New Zealand.


First Total Tyre Control installation in Canada at Ekati Diamond Mine (NT, Canada)


KLINGE provide Procedures (SOPs) & OTR Training packages to Tire Industry Association (TIA) USA to begin the creation of Earthmover Tire Service training package.


KLINGE exhibit for first time at MINExpo International (Las Vegas, USA)


World first Total Tyre Control and ERP integration (Ellipse) complete in USA at Newmont Twin Creeks mine. (NV, USA)


Tire Industry Association (TIA) USA officially partners with KLINGE to develop & release Earthmover Tire Service 200 level training globally. (TyrePress Article).


TOLAPS.live software that integrates TKPH/FMS/TMS data to proactively manage fleets is deployed at Mount Arthur Mine (NSW, AUS).


Largest single rollout of Total Tyre Control rollout for Barrick at 23 sites across 7 countries.


First commercial version Total Tyre Control Web released.


KLINGE Group acquires Muswellbrook OTR Service & Repair center from Goodyear Earthmover.


World first Total Tyre Control and SAP integration complete for Newmont all sites globally.


Australian mining tyre service business reaches 15 mine sites with permanent people conducting OTR tyre maintenance.


KLINGE assist in development of 300 and 400 Level TIA Earthmover Tire Service training packages.

The Muswellbrook Service team with Russell & Tom Klinge post aquisition by KLINGE from Goodyear – 2010
Large forklift tyre handler parked next to a CAT 793 dump truck.
KLINGE forklift tyre handler parked next to a CAT 793 dump truck at Roy Hill mine – 2014
Otr 2014 6479
The KLINGE team ready to roll at the 2014 TIA OTR Conference
left to right (Roy Galyer, Al Klinge, Yolanda Waltrip, John Funke, Emilio Ferreira, Greg Remley & Tom Klinge)

2016 – NOW

FuTUre Focus

The end of an era for KLINGE exiting the on-site tyre service supply component of the industry as well as a change in company ownership and working through COVID-19.


KLINGE Mining tyre service providing business sold to KalTire Australia capping their run of 41 years with zero fatalities, an unrivalled achievement.


KLINGE entity is acquired by Michelin as an independent subsidiary, enabling Michelin to offer the world’s best tyre management software, mining tyre consulting & training to their customer via KLINGE. While maintaining the KLINGE team to develop new services and technology, support their clients and grow the business.


First Virtual TyreARM audit conducted from Hobart Australia to Oyu Tolgoi Mine Mongolia (10,363 km/6,439 mi away) underground at a depth of over 1,000m/3,280ft.


Release of first versions of MEMS4 and Total Tyre Control integration at Mesquite Mine (AZ, USA) designed to improve safety, reliability and productivity for tyre technicians on mines.


Launch of new website & RTO Training

An Image Of A Forklift In A Video Game With An Engaging Storyline
3D, interactive and immersive training packages developed with Mining Skills Australia.
Michelin Tyres   Story
Cesar Pirir having a look at the newly released 70/70R57 at Expomin in Santiago Chile – 2023