Products and Services

We licence the system to others, we also use it every day ourselves. - Dianne Klinge
We couldn't buy what we required, so we got to and built it. - Tom Klinge

Under the name Total Tyre Control™ we have developed various specialized software packages in response to the wants and needs of the tyre, mining and transport industries.

KLINGE™ provides versions of it's core products in English, EspaƱol and Francaise.

Total Tyre Control™ Earthmover

Total Tyre Control™ Earthmover, our core software product, tracks tyres and rims providing in depth information on tread wear, tyre usage, manufacturer comparison and much more.

Total Tyre Control™ Web

A web-based application, that caters for complete tracking of tyres and their usage in any environment. Total Tyre Control™ Web is a subscription-based license and does not require any software installation on your own hardware

Total Tyre Control™ App

Access tyre and rim details on a iPad/iPhone or Android device. Record pressure & tread audits, schedule maintenance items and then synchronize your field activities back to the cloud for validation and processing by your Total Tyre Control™ Earthmover system.


(Tyre Operating Limits and Production System Live)

Interfaces with Total Tyre Control™ and your mine's Dispatch System to provide real-time proactive management of TKPH/TMPH.

OTR Tyre Service Training

KLINGE™ are a certified & experienced Tire Industry Association (TIA) trainers, with over 20 years of training experience and over 1,000 tire technicians trained globally. KLINGE™ deliver training globally at 3 levels; Basic; Advanced & Trainer. Training is deliverd by experienced team members with hands on experience in the field for each trainer.

TyreARM™ or TireARM™

(Tyre Application Risk Management)

TyreARM is a proprietary auditing & reporting tool for mines focused on four (4) critical areas; Tyre Service; Tyre Management; Tyre Use; and Tyre Environment. The results of a TyreARM audit are a transparent, repeatable & actionable report. The benefits include: visibility of high risk activities, creation of valuable continuous improvement initiatives, increase in safety culture and productivity gains of tyre related activities.