We licence the system to others, we also use it every day ourselves. - Dianne Klinge
We couldn't buy what we required, so we got to and built it. - Tom Klinge

Under the name Total Tyre Control™ we have developed various specialized software packages in response to the wants and needs of the tyre, mining and transport industries.

KLINGE™ provides versions of it's core products in English, EspaƱol and Francaise.

Total Tyre Control™ Earthmover

Total Tyre Control™ Earthmover, our core software product, tracks tyres and rims providing in depth information on tread wear, tyre usage, manufacturer comparison and much more.

Total Tyre Control™ Web

A web-based application, that caters for complete tracking of tyres and their usage in any environment. Total Tyre Control™ Web is a subscription-based license and does not require any software installation on your own hardware

Total Tyre Control™ App

Access tyre and rim details on a iPad/iPhone or Android device. Record pressure & tread audits, schedule maintenance items and then synchronize your field activities back to the cloud for validation and processing by your Total Tyre Control™ Earthmover system.


(Tyre Operating Limits and Production System Live)

Interfaces with Total Tyre Control™ and your mine's Dispatch System to provide real-time proactive management of TKPH/TMPH.

Total Tyre Control™ with ERP System Integration

Total Tyre Control™ can be seamlessly integrated with SAP or Ellipse so that each system utilises the expert abilities of the other, eliminating the need for personnel to jump back and forth between systems doing multiple data entry tasks.